Sttera A transfer learning powered software for instrument detection and orchestration. A research exploration into the audioworklet, multibuffer streaming and procedural audio with FAUST.

Ina is a software for video synthesis and mapping done in MaxMSP. It is a free standalone that was developed to merge synthesis, drawing and mapping in the same environment. There is an online readthedocs documentation to help deal with the different modules. It uses algorithms from packages such as Vsynth and Vizzie.

sequu is a sequencer with built-in audio processing effects. It is inspired in classic drum machines with an interface to help it's port to iOS. It is done with Java in the Processing environment and is capable of real-time application of audio filters to external loaded files.

meesa is a software done specifically to the exploration of wavetable synthesis on periodic signals. It has three built-in generators that allow customizable methods.

zvuk is a remotely controlled sonification engine that allows the user to make music with the help of data gathered from any 3D digital model. It is possible for the user to get meaningful information from the renderer and use it for real-time musical application. It has an integrated system that allows the usage of mobile phones and an interface for Ableton Live using M4L.

talker is a piece of software for visualization of Open Sound Control parameters. Initially conceived as a tool to increase communication between musicians, it was developed in order to graphically materialize all the information that was analyzed at the defined port. It was done using openFrameworks, a C++ framework for creative coding.

Spelen is an application that explores libpd on Processing programming environment. It uses a custom pure data patch as sound synthesis and sequencing with a simple interface.