Akson Environment

A web-based audio-visual (AV) environment for networked interaction and performance. Akson was the outcome of a research made in collaborative AV interfaces and web technologies in the context of Braga Media Arts, part of the UNESCO’s creative cities network (UCCN). Akson was initially conceived as a research platform for the study of interaction models using the Internet infrastructure and AV playback across multiple devices. This system was done with both possibilities of its use in artistic performance and interactive installations. It presents a theoretical reflection on networked art and its technology as an extensible vehicle of experience, of the person and of the system.

Akson’s technologies rely on the Web and its programming interfaces, allowing every device that can connect to the Internet to use the system. As a mediator agent, Akson was developed in order to structure several models of dynamic communication between users. We based their development on the notorious work of Todd Winkler, Composing Interactive Music (1998). We present three digital structures as models. Initially, The Improvisation Model, paradigm of the Jazz Combo. The Conductor Model, paradigm of the Symphony Orchestra. And the Chamber Music Model, paradigm of the String Quartet. Three different ways of communication on live performance inside the same network. During its development, Akson was presented at the Centro de Alto Rendimento Artístico, gnration and Openfield Creativelab.
Akson also has a customised AV generation engine adapted for mobile interfaces. It is possible to experiment with large numbers of distributed interfaces with potentially large distances across the globe. Recently we published in the international conference xCoAx and performed as Never The Less - A Performance on Networked Art alongside Gilberto Bernardes.

Luis Arandas
José Alberto Gomes
Rui Penha